Introduction This list is a collection of the best German paintings. They are all worth seeing if you’re in Germany, and they’ve all been recognized as some of the greatest pieces of art ever made. Franz Marc and the Blue Equestrian Franz Marc was a German painter who was born […]

Introduction The Treaty of Nymegen has been in place for a few hundred years, but it’s about to expire. We do not know what will happen when the treaty expires, but we do know that we have been able to observe some of its effects on European societies. The ban […]

Introduction The Netherlands is a small country with plenty to see. You can visit the most visited city in the world, Amsterdam, or explore the countryside and small towns. The history of this country goes back for many centuries and you can still see parts of this history in some […]

Introduction If you’re tired of doing the same old touristy things, why not try something different? Festivals are a great way to experience European culture. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of my favorite festivals near me: The Eurovision Song Contest The Eurovision Song Contest is a competition […]

Introduction Ah, summer! The perfect time to escape the city and explore the countryside. But where do you go? How about a European festival? These events take place all over Europe throughout the warm-weather months, giving travelers plenty of opportunities to explore new countries and discover hidden treasures along their […]